Ode to COVID Kids

Eye doctors’ dreams – they’re filling prescriptions

We’re zeroing in on our screens in submission

Afflictions, restrictions, divisions are striking

Journalist discourse is less than our liking

We’ve ground to a halt, a standstill, an impasse

Diplomats stiffen our hope in great tresspass

But in the obscure, an elation, a splendor –

The joy of the youth won’t yield nor surrender

Obstacle?  Upset?  Setback?  Concern?

They’ll regroup, restore, and swiftly discern

A sail on the boundary, where we saw none

So bravo to children – my daughter, my son!

COVID can’t somber the laughter inside

Pandemics can’t blot out the joy they provide

Arc de Triomphe!  The victory is theirs!

Our model for grasping our state of affairs

Onward and upward; endure, and persist

COVID, you’re out.  You’re excused.  You’re dismissed!

Esti Stoian, 2020

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