Treadmill Trekking

The thing about running in place (is that)

You’re not going to finish the race (‘cuz you)

Clomp and you stomp in your “sneaks” (which are)

Stiff like your woeful physique (but you)

“Turn” and you “climb” up those “hills” (and you)

Hope you don’t take any spills (while you)

Survey just pipes all around (in the)

Basement where spiders abound (then you)

Sense that you’re gasping for air (plus you)

Feel that your shins – they could tear (so you)

Spur-of-the-moment decide (that you’ve)

Had quite enough of a ride (so you)

Hop off, unplug, and shut down (and you)

Feel like the New Sherif in town!

Esti Stoian, 2020

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