Histoire D’amour

Mount up the dog sled

Salut Monsieur Wilfrid

Hockey is life is the rink

Ice skate on the Rideau

Night at Fairmont Chateau

Snowshoes in each ol’ precinct


Another round of poutine

Maple syrup morphine

Requisite bacon in hand

Timmie’s double-double

Mounties scan for trouble

(Ketchup chips – our only demand)


Polar bears pervasive

Winters so abrasive

Igloos, indeed – they’re first rate

Numbers in the metric

Snowfall volumetric

Toques (‘course from Roots) – they’re ornate


Santa’s one of ours

Apologetic powers

“Loonies” and “toonies” and “eh”s

Waitin’ on “May two-four”

Snowbirds out the backdoor

Lovin’ my native cliches


Esti Stoian, 2020

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