Family Fun

Here’s a story about a lad

Whose destiny was ironclad

Who’d lived a life that’s mostly sad

And craved a peace he hadn’t had

The day our hero did debut –

(Despite the fact that he was new

And all of life he should pursue

The joys and dreams a boy was due) –

That day he came his fate was sealed

When Mom and Dad at first revealed

The name they chose.  They would not yield

(Despite that fact that friends appealed)

Our little friend was often told

His name conclusively foretold

A jump in years one hundredfold

(Despite his age, at five years old)

But young Jerry Attrick, you see

Was not the first to have to plea

His name from their great ancestry

Their unexpected family tree

No – Mom and Dad had once before

Assigned a name they quite adore

(Despite their friends, who did implore

They cease the prank forevermore)

A golden chance!  It was their claim

So they persisted in their game

Their oldest boy, they did proclaim,

Was Petey Attrick all the same

Esti Stoian, 2023

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